With its tent, tarts and gentle innuendo, The Great British Bake Off has been one of the BBC's most-loved TV shows of recent years.

But with only one series left in its contract to make the programme, Corporation bosses have admitted that it could be poached by one of its rivals.

Charlotte Moore, the BBC's new controller of television channels, has warned that TV chiefs cannot take 'anything for granted'.

Following ITV taking on The Voice from the BBC at the end of its contract to air the show, Miss Moore said: 'I'm sure [commercial rivals] would love Bake Off but it's a big part of BBC One.


She added: 'I don't take anything for granted, but I think the programme-makers like to be on BBC One. It is everything that BBC One should be about.'

At the same time, changes appear to be in the works for Strictly Come Dancing, as she hinted it should be constantly refreshed and must not be 'preserved in aspic'.

Miss Moore, who was speaking to The Daily Telegraph yesterday, also brushed off reports that Top Gear is having a rocky ride ahead of its return in May, saying: '[Chris Evans is] fantastic, he's great fun, a creative force who is passionate about everything he does. It's huge.

'The whole team know everyone is waiting for it. There is huge pressure on them.'

- Daily Mail