Just 48 hours into The Bachelor NZ and one contestant has been clearly identified as this year's troublemaker: Naz.

But just who is this woman?

According to the official publicity kit, "Naz is Persian and works as a landscaper in Christchurch".

Her hometown is cited as "Hamilton/Iran" and she has a three-year-old Siberian husky called Indie.


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But google her name and you won't find any mention of Naz Khanjani beyond The Bachelor NZ.

There is however, a Nazanin Khanjani, who happens to look exactly like our friend Naz.

Except, there's no mention of her life in Christchurch or work as a landscaper. Rather, her Facebook profile lists her as living in Brisbane, where she is a keen competitive body builder who regularly competes in International Natural Body Building events in Australia.

Likewise, there is not a single Khanjani registered on the New Zealand electoral roll. Not in Hamilton or Christchurch, or anywhere in between.

Then there's that strange issue of Khanjani's rather thick Ocker accent.


Posted by Nazz_Fitness on Sunday, 17 January 2016

Nazanin Khanjani has another page Nazz_Fitness, which details her love of healthy living and shares inspirational quotes, such as: "Do something today that your future self will thank you for."

Another webpage reveals some personal insights into Khanjani's psyche, where the Bachelor contestant reveals she has been bullied "a lot" and is "always in trouble".

She says if she could be any person in history it would be Mother Teresa and the person she is closest to in the world is her mum.

When asked for more information on the mysterious beauty, MediaWorks said Naz was born in Iran before moving to New Zealand with her family when she was four.

She went to school in Hamilton for 10 years, after which time she relocated to Brisbane, picking up work in retail and modelling.

The spokesperson said Khanjani returned to New Zealand four months ago to "spend more time with family" and is now based in Christchurch, where she works for her brother-in-law's landscape gardening business.

Meanwhile, The Bachelor NZ has blown up on social media, with #TheBachelorNZ trending on Twitter for more than two days.

Last night saw 324,000 Kiwis tune into the second episode of the season, up 40,000 from the previous night's debut. It beat both TV One and TV2 in the key 25-54 demographic, becoming the most watched programme in its 7.30pm time slot.

Last night revealed Naz has quickly become the contestant viewers love to hate, after she pulled the Bachelor aside to tell him one of the other contestant's wasn't in the competition for love.

Despite taking what she said "with a grain of salt", Jordan Mauger decided to keep Naz in the game, awarding her a rose early in the ceremony and leading several fans to accuse producers of meddling in the competition.