One the contestants on The Bachelor NZ opened up on the show about a past abusive relationship.

During a private moment with with Bachelor Jordan Mauger, Ceri McVinnie said: "I was in a pretty rough relationship, it got pretty abusive."

McVinne has appeared on TV to speak about the relationship before, telling Seven Sharp last year she almost died after being strangled and threatened with a knife.

"I was in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship for two years," she told the current affairs show in June.


"It was the smallest things that would set him off. I would have to rush into the bathroom, and close the door behind me and try and barricade myself in. I would have my legs braced against the shower trying to stop him from opening the door and he managed to punch his way through."

McVinnie, a 24-year-old student training to become a teacher, told the show her partner was "jealous [and] possessive" and would call her fat while she was cooking dinner.

"If I said hello to a guy he would accuse me of cheating on him ... I still thought I loved him and wanted to protect him ... I felt ashamed and it was my fault and I didn't want people to know."

McVinnie ended the relationship the night she was strangled and he threatened her with a knife, she said. She didn't press charges.

She told anyone going through the same thing to reach out, to anyone who would listen, for help.

On The Bachelor, McVinnie later said she regretted opening up to Mauger about the abusive relationship.

She said she enterted the show hoping to "find my prince".

"I'm a bit of a princess, I like Cinderella, hopefully I can find my prince."

She was one of the last girls to receive a rose from Mauger.

Where to get help:
If it is an emergency and you or someone you know is at risk, call 111.
Women's Refuge: 0800 733 843
Victim Support: 0800 842 846
Lifeline: (09) 522 2999
Family Violence Info Line: 0800 456 450