Everyone was supposed to be watching the awkward first moments of 23 girls vying to win over the man of their dreams, The Bachelor NZ star Jordan Mauger.

But all anyone ended up talking about was the guy driving the girls around.

During last night's debut of The Bachelor NZ, Mauger greeted the girls at the front of the Bachelor mansion with a kiss and plenty of awkward interactions.

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But Twitter users quickly pointed out the intense look on the face of the driver behind the wheel as he pulled up to drop the girls off.

One went so far as to call him "depressed".

Another speculated that he was upset that he wasn't in Mauger's shoes with 23 girls fawning over him.

Someone else suggested he might be a missing member of emo act My Chemical Romance.

Mediaworks confirmed the driver's name was George and was part of the crew working on the Warner Bros productions. A spokeswoman didn't want to speculate on his emotional state.

The second episode of The Bachelor NZ screens on TV3 tonight.

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