Netflix spent Friday being hammered by New Zealand fans angry that they can't watch the fourth season of House of Cards like the rest of the world.

Turns out the American streaming service was listening.

All seasons of the twisted Washington political drama, starring Kevin Spacey, went online on the New Zealand version of the TV streaming service last night.

The arrival of the show was unannounced by Netflix. The show has never been available on the streaming service in NZ before.


All four seasons - including the first and second which screened on TV3 before Netflix arrived in New Zealand - are now available.

Netflix had previously said it had sold the rights to 2015's third season to an undisclosed NZ broadcaster so was unable to offer the show to its Kiwi subscribers.

It had refused to answer repeated questions by the Herald, prompting this story yesterday, which asked: "Why can't NZ watch House of Cards?"

Fans appeared to be overjoyed at the appearance of the show on Netflix for the first time.