Shampooch mystery in Muriwai

Phantom dog washer or a classic case of a doggy double-life? Becky Skirrow writes the following on the Muriwai & Waimauku Community Facebook Page: "So this is a bit of a strange question, but did anyone in Muriwai wash our dog? My family noticed last night how she was smelling amazing and looking all shiny. We're just trying to solve this funny mystery!"

Cookie-ing the books at the Oscars

At the Academy Awards, Chris Rock tried to help his daughters sell Girl Scout cookies. Troop members were released into the audience with biscuits. But while Rock later announced that the Scouts had raised a triumphant US$65,243, ($98,845) it turns out that was a little hyperbolic. Celebrity news site TMZ reports their profits came to US$2500. This is great! It's just a considerably smaller number than the one touted during the ceremony. A Girl Scouts representative explained that the big numbers were "a joke ... for the skit". At US$5 a box, that figure would've taken all night to achieve. (Source:

Is this your bike?

On February 16 this bike was found under the Clark St overbridge in New Lynn a gathering place for local miscreants, writes Warren Strand from the New Lynn Police. "We believe that it has been stolen from the New Lynn area, but can't find any police report. I am sure that some grief-stricken mountain biker is having sleepless nights over this loss."

The solution for Matt: If you don't like it, weed it

A reader was mortified the Mt Roskill resident was complaining about a few weeds."A spade works wonders, I don't know when we got so lazy. My Grandad's generation would have just got out there and done it in shirtless back and sandals". The sentiment is echoed by a provincial reader: "Matt doesn't do the picture non-Aucklanders have of city folk any good at all. People in provincial NZ have been caring for their berms for generations and just accept it as a fact of life. So there are weeds in your gutter. Get out a weedeater, a lawnmower, spray it with Roundup, get a hoe or clippers. Don't just sit there and expect someone to come and do it."


Picture this:

An inflatable, PVC, transparent, water-proof and fire retardant Bubble Tent looks wonderful, if not lacking a little in privacy, and costs around NZD$3K. The catch is you'll need somewhere to plug in the tent's blower, which is necessary to keep the tent inflated. Buy one now!
Video: A Mola mola (aka Ocean Sunfish or Moonfish) is the world's largest bony fish...

It is a Mola Mola, Ocean Sunfish or Moonfish in English. It is the largest bony fish known in the world. It can grow up to 5,000 pounds (2,268 kilograms).Video was made by Portuguese diver Miguel Pereira near Santa Maria Island in Azores, Portugal.And this is funny t-shirt about Mola Mola, Buy this if you like:

Posted by Scuba Diving is My Life on Friday, 12 February 2016

Good read:

At Alcoholic Anonymous the 12 steps programme is so deeply ingrained in the US society that many people, including professionals, say the only way to salvation is complete and total sobriety.

Video: News bloopers (Warning! Contains some sweary bits)

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