TV's hottest new star says he's been single for two years - and he's 100 per cent looking for love on The Bachelor NZ.

As was already reported by the Herald, Jordan Mauger was yesterday confirmed as the star of the second season of TV3's top-rating reality show.

He'll have 23 woman vying for his heart when the romance reality show kicks off on March 7.

In his first major interview with Woman's Day, the 32-year-old film director tells the gossip mag he's ready to settle down.


"I want to meet that somebody. Someone I can be spontaneous with. Someone I can do the chores with, or go to samba dancing or papier-mache classes with - whatever!" he says.

Mauger also says he has no set picture in mind of his perfect woman.

"People say to me there are punk chicks, rock chicks and Barbies, or ask me if I'm into redheads or brunettes. Well, I don't know. Maybe I'm into highlighter green? I don't want to get tunnel vision," he tells WD.

Mauger says he's spent much of his 20s being single, working on superyachts. He says his last serious relationship ended two years ago, and he threw himself into work and travel to compensate.

"But I've learnt that's not the life for me any more. I don't want to be some tragic 50-year-old in the Mediterranean, wiht a pot belly hanging over my Speedos, who still can't find somebody to love."