Max Key has been the butt of many a joke since it was announced he would be hitting the airwaves on radio station George FM.

But the Prime Minister's son has had the last laugh; reading out a series of cruel messages directed at him - and laughing as he did so.

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In a segment recorded on video on the station's breakfast show yesterday, hosts Thane Kirby and Kara Rickard said "social meanies" had been sweeping the internet with cruel messages.


Rickard said: "It's just that you get real ruthless on people that you barely know over your keyboard and you've been doing it to one of the members of our George FM family."

Key, their newest DJ, appears in the shot then and begins to read messages that have been sent to the station's text machine, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

"Max Key is gay," he reads.In the background, the Titanic film's theme song, My Heart Will Go On, plays.

"I've got nothing against Max or his music. His dad's a d***, but so is mine. I just personally don't like the song very much," another message says.

"Max Key blows goats ... No one wants to hear about John Key's c** stain," he says, before erupting in laughter.

"This is quite a recurring one - Your dad's a f***wit. F*** Max Key - that's original," he quipped, with a laugh.

Key's first show kicked off last Tuesday.

His debut single, Forget You, was released the same night.

* Watch the full video here (warning: explicit content)