Chris Hemsworth manages to do the weekly supermarket shop without much hassle.When the Thor star is back in Australia, he says he can go about his business without too much fan interference, so much so he's tasked with doing the weekly supermarket shop.

"I feel in LA it was tough to do those things, but being back in Australia - that's why we moved back, it was a whole lot more normal," he told Kiss FM's Kyle and Jackie O show on Friday.

The 32-year-old doesn't even feel the need to conceal his identity, though jokes maybe he should.

"I should take my In the Heart of the Sea rags and beard and blistered skin and wander in, and people will just think I'm another homeless guy in the supermarket," he said.


When he's not working, Hemsworth calls Byron Bay home. He moved to the beachside town last year, wanting to give his three children a more stable and "normal existence".

He feels so comfortable in Australia that he doesn't feel the need to have any minders with him.

"The only time you experience the craziness is the press tour, the red carpets and so on, that seem like they happen more often than they do - they're only a handful of days a year.

"Unfortunately, it's pretty normal and boring."

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He can still go to the pub with his friends and have a beer, without too much hassle.

"I might take a few more selfies with people, and photos with fans, but it's all positive and quick," he said.

Hemsworth is about to start filming the next instalment of Thor, which will be shot in the Gold Coast.