TV3 reporter Kim Vinnell isn't having much luck, suffering her second live cross bomb in a month.

But Vinnell says the latest, which also occurred during a live cross from a music festival, was "the kind of bomb I like".

Kim Vinnell was filming a live report from Splore for TV3 current affairs show Story last night when she was surprised by a bearded man wearing underwear.

The man ran up to Vinnell and ran off, only to reappear then kiss her on the cheek. She quipped: "That is the kind of bomb I like."


It came moments after Story co-host Heather du Plessis-Allen had referenced Vinnell's experience at Laneway earlier in the month, when she was interrupted by two men who taunted her and twice muttered an explicit phrase.

Vinnell called it "terrifying" and "unsettling" on social media. Her boyfriend, Richie Hardcore, later claimed she had been groped.

The duo were unapologetic when later confronted by Vinnell for a follow-up story, but one sent her an apology note saying his behaviour was "extremely inappropriate, immature and lacked the respect you and all women deserve".

The latest bomb was noted on Twitter, which one user posting a note to Vinnell saying: "You're having the best crosses lately."

Vinnell replied, saying it this one had "a much different vibe to it".

Splore is underway at Tapapakanga Regional Park south of Auckland, and runs over the weekend featuring performances by Leftfield and Little Simz.

This weekend's other festival is Raggamuffin on Saturday, at Trusts Stadium in Waitakere, featuring performances by Wu-Tang Clan, The Game and UB40.