Rebel Wilson shares her dating tips with Leena Tailor.

If you're not having fun being single, then you're not doing it right - so says female-fuelled rom-com How to Be Single.

Rebel Wilson leads a girl squad comprising This is 40's Leslie Mann, Mad Men's Alison Brie and Fifty Shades of Grey's Dakota Johnson in the screen adaptation of Liz Tuccillo's 2007 novel. The story centres on Alice (Johnson), who after breaking up with her long-term love tackles the New York dating scene, with the help of partygirl Robin (Wilson).

Wild and carefree, Robin guides Alice on everything from sending flirty texts, to the number of drinks a male and female can have before jumping into bed together becomes inevitable.

While her vivacious alter-ego is up for anything, 35-year-old Wilson has her own ideas about how to live up her singledom...


Let him pay

When it comes to the perfect date, the Aussie has no qualms about what she sees as the first sign of a good catch. "I think it's really nice when the guy pays! I'm very old-school like that. I think it's very chivalrous when the guy's a gentleman."

Though one might think suitors would expect Wilson to cough up given she has the salary of a highly sought-after Hollywood actress, she has so far managed to avoid bludgers. "They've all been pretty nice about that. I think they sense I'm a classy lady, so they're respectful."

Don't date actors

It may be the norm in Tinseltown to marry, divorce and repeat with fellow actors but Wilson has no desire to shack up with an entertainer. "The Los Angeles dating scene is not that interesting because most people are in the entertainment industry. I don't think it's wise to date someone else in the industry, because actors are a bit self-obsessed just by the nature of what we do and it's not good to have two people like that in a relationship. It's good to have a balance, so that one person is more stable than the other."

Avoid clubs

Wilson wouldn't be caught dead in a club, instead preferring dinner and movie dates.

"The club scene is so full-on. I might've been for something I had to go to like an after-party, but I've never voluntarily gone, 'What am I going to do with my Saturday night? I'm going to put on stripper heels and go to a club.'"

"It's just not my style, but people see me in films rocking out and go, 'Oh Rebel, let's invite her to this club and offer her drugs.'"

"I went to a Christian girls' school, so my upbringing was very conservative. People are shocked sometimes because they think I'm wild and crazy, then find out, 'Oh, she has a law degree, she's super-studious and she works really hard.'"

Be independent

Wilson says while she'd love to settle down, she's happy spending time on her own and last year took the step of moving into her own place, in the Hollywood Hills. "I have an Australian flag framed, and I had a stuffed kangaroo and koala but then I was like, 'This looks tacky. You can't have plush toys in your room!' It's all very classy. I now watch property design shows all the time - [like] The Block. I know so much about renovation now."

Hang with Kiwis

She may have her hands full with Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie and Pitch Perfect 3, but high on the professional bucket list is playing a Kiwi show - and potential dates should note she has a soft spot for our accent.

"I love hearing the New Zealand accent. I would love to play a New Zealander in something - If only I could work with Jemaine [Clement] when they shoot in New Zealand. Or Rhys Darby... That vampire movie though... What We Do in the Shadows. It's genius!"