Max Key kicked off his first DJ segment on the radio last night.

And the Prime Minister's son seems to have a taste for funk and hip hop.

Among his opening jams on his first George FM show, which started at 10pm, was rapper Drake's Started from the Bottom.

FORGET YOU ~ Teaser (Watch in HD)

Posted by Max Key on Sunday, February 14, 2016

The chorus lyrics are: "Started from the bottom now we're here. Started from the bottom now my whole team f****** here."


Old school hip hop also featured heavily, including Notorious B.I.G.

It wasn't all rap though, with Key mixing in the soulful sounds of Adele and TroyBoi's Afterhours hit, featuring Diplo and Nina Sky.

Now and then, a message popped up during the songs: "Right now, on George FM, you're keyed in with Max Key."

And the fans seemed to like it with many taking to social media to praise the young DJ.

One said on Twitter: "Wow Max Key with that [fire] on George FM".

Another wrote: "Max Key is DJing Hello by Adele - and honestly, I'm loving it".

Internet giant Kim Dotcom also tweeted approval of the young Key's taste in music.

"I'm cruisin' in my G right now. Listening to Max Key mix. It's dope! #Respect."

Key's debut single - Forget You - also played for the first time on tonight's show.

A co-host at the end of the segment said the station had been flooded with positive feedback on social media and its app had crashed with so many people trying to listen.

As he continued to refer to "Max Key", Key laughed and said: "Yeah, it's just Max."

Last week it was revealed the radio station sent out an email to employees warning that anyone who criticised Key would lose their job.

Following that, DJ Sam Evans blasted the station after seemingly taking down his show with no warning.

Evans wrote on Facebook: "No conversation, warning, ph calls, emails or even a text about what was going to happen. Even after a number of unanswered calls & messages left there was just sweet F*** ALL response ... not even a thank you for the years of service."

He went on to wish the station luck, saying: "I'm sure Max Key will boost your ratings more than any of my music."