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presenter Toni Street isn't giving up on the possibility of a third child, despite her battle with a life threatening illness.

The bubbly TV personality talks about living with an autoimmune disease that caused her weight to balloon and attacked her organs, in an honest interview with Next magazine.

Diagnosed with Churg-Strauss syndrome last year, Street is not in a position to get pregnant right now, but hasn't ruled it out.

TVNZ presenter Toni Street revealed her wish for a bigger family in an interview with Next magazine.
TVNZ presenter Toni Street revealed her wish for a bigger family in an interview with Next magazine.

Whilst on a strong cocktail of steroid infusions and immune suppressing drugs, the disease began to target her liver, with a blood test one week before Christmas showing she needed urgent chemotherapy.

Reluctant to undergo the treatment without freezing some eggs, to secure the possibility of another baby in future, she began to cut back steroids and something miraculous happened.

Final blood work showed she would not require the invasive procedure after all.

Speaking about her event planner husband Matt France and two girls Juliette, three, and Mackenzie, 11 months, Street confesses a big family is something she's always wanted.

For now she will have to hold off on that dream.

"If I do go on to have a third child, it will have to be quite a consideration, because chances are I'll have an episode again...It will have to be carefully managed," she told Next.

With a positive attitude Street managed to work through the illness, supported by TVNZ colleagues including co-host Mike Hosking.

...The reaction I got from Mike to the floods of 'farm feedback' we got last night #thinkhe'scaving #moretonight

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Viewers however, were quick to note the puffiness in her face and stomach, caused by the concoction of medication.

It was a troubling time that delivered a knock to her confidence, though she felt it was important to speak out about the serious condition, and did so in October.

"There were some nights when I thought 'I wish I could just hide away'. But by and large everyone's been so supportive. And I'm probably through the worst of that."

Since her near miss with chemo, Street is starting to feel more normal again.

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"You don't realise how hard it is until you're out, but the fog is starting to lift. I'm getting some clarity back, and a bit of control. I'm not in remission - yet. But I hope to be by then end of this year."

Research into the illness, which has no cure, turned up some positive alternatives and she's ready to try anything that could make a difference.

Among the experimental treatments is a 5:2 fasting diet, meditation, yoga and plenty of green tea.