Lana Del Rey says she wants viewers to feel like they've stepped into a French Impressionist artwork by painter Claude Monet while watching her new music video.

The 30-year-old has just released the promo for her single Freak, which features on the star's fourth studio album Honeymoon.

And filming the music video was a family affair, as her sister took an active role in the production.

"The whole thing was inspired by a moving Monet," Del Rey told Billboard. "We were shooting with a couple of special cameras and shooting everything in slow motion and taking a lot of time to colour it."


The 11-minute long music video centres on a group of people who are experiencing a dreamy trip in California while under the influence of the psychedelic drug known as acid. Fellow musician Father John Misty stars in the promo with Del Rey, and the pop star is happy she finally had the chance to collaborate with him.

"I wanted Father John Misty to do something with me and he was nice enough to agree to be my leading man," she smiled.

Del Rey is currently preparing to tour the world, performing shows at music festivals like the Park Live Festival in Moscow on July 10.

She says she always looks forward to festivals.

"The festivals are the most fun," she gushed. "It's open air, there are no bouncy walls so the sound is amazing and everyone is there to party. Everyone is in a good mood."