Jeremy Wells wants a "work divorce" from his co-host Matt Heath after he secretly photographed the star in a series of awkward situations.

Worse still, Heath has now released the intimate photos as a calendar, which has been released for Valentine's Day.

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Heath decided to make the calendar after being regularly accosted in the street by females telling him how attractive Wells is.


The calendar features a series of candid photos, including pictures of Wells eating, answering the call of nature, ironing, getting dressed, and sleeping in his underwear.

"I knew people would love a racy calendar of Jeremy but I also knew being the modest dude he is he would never knowingly pose for the shots," Heath says.

"Luckily we spend a lot of time on the road sharing a room. So it was easy for me to take compromising snaps of him when he wasn't aware. So, win-win!"

But Wells is deeply unhappy with the calendar, calling his colleague "a massive perverted punisher".

"It totally creeps me out that some guy I thought was my friend has been taking clandestine shots of me doing really boring stuff. I want a work divorce."

The calendar is available for download here.