Choreographer Parris Goebel has already danced with Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber, now she's taking over the microphone.

The talented Kiwi reveals she has another trick up her sleeve in a heartfelt interview with Woman's Day.

This year fans will see the "evolution" of Goebel as a rap artist, with a debut EP already in the pipeline.

She has been working alongside P-Money to expand her empire and hopes to have new music available by June, 2016.


"This is part of my evolution, changing things up," she said.

"It's about creating a legacy. In the dancing world I'm at the top, but as a musical artist I'll be starting at the bottom again and trying to work my way up."

Pushing herself to the limit has been Goebel's secret to incredible international success.

Starting ReQuest dance crew at 15, opening 'The Palace' studio aged 17, landing jobs with celebs such as Janet Jackson and Niki Minaj, were all important milestones.

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But she's not one to rest on her laurels and soak up the limelight for too long.

"In life you have got to find something that sets you on fire," she told Woman's Day.

"I want to create things that last forever, so even when I die, people will still look me up. That's the kind of legacy I want to leave."