Ostrich anus and other odd wildlife morsels are off the menu for Terri Irwin who will not take part in eating challenges on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!

Irwin told AAP that she only eats meat specifically reared for human consumption and will not consume some of the food on served up in tucker trial challenges.

Irwin will be "dropped" into the jungle on the Network Ten series, along with children Bindi and Robert, on Monday's episode.

Speaking from South Africa, she's said she's happy to live off beans and rice and the celebrities should not rely on her to eat impala lung, springbok stomach, buffalo lip and warthog testicle.


"It did cross my mind (the tucker trials) and I don't eat wildlife under any circumstance. That's my personal mantra," she said.

"I am happy for them to serve up whatever as long as it is domestic ... I'm happy with rice and beans. I'm cool if it's something that has been farmed but I won't be eating eyes."

Bindi, who won the US series of Dancing With The Stars, says she too will not be digesting odd sections of animals.

How blessed I am that these are my childhood memories.

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She's also open to appearing on more reality shows, providing she can use it to promote wildlife conservation.

"We are so not going to be eating anything like that, I'll take the beans and rice challenge," Bindi said.

"I have so many messages that I want to get across to people and do the best I possibly can with the time I have been given in this life, and carry on in dad's footsteps, and create some positive change on the planet.

"If the right opportunity came along I would definitely jump at it."