Scottish actor Alan Cumming regrets having an ex-lover's name tattooed on his groin after undergoing a painful process to have it removed.

The Good Wife star opted to have his 'Raven' tattoo removed by Laser, rather than cover it up.

"About 16 years ago, I met this boy and he and I had this very tempestuous relationship," he tells US late night host Seth Meyers. "Two weeks after knowing each other, we had our names tattooed on each other's bodies, in our groin area, and I thought that was the most sensible thing I had ever done in my entire life."

"So then, four months after that, it (romance) was over," he continues. "We just propelled each other away and his name was Raven and I had Raven written on my groin.


"All my friends, who thought I was crazy, said, 'Oh you can put o-u-s on the end, make it ravenous. You can put a 'c', make it craven', or, once somebody said, 'Take the 'n' off, make it raver...'

"Eventually I got it removed by laser; it was horribly painful. But a year after that I met up with Raven again and he was like, 'Still have your tattoo?' and I was like, 'No, I had it wrenched from my body.' Then I said, 'Do you still have yours?' and he pulled his pants down and, where it used to say Alan, it now says balance. I'm a part of bringing balance to Raven, that's a beautiful thing."