Actress Lily-Rose Depp feels a great sense of liberation when she is making films.

The fledgling Hollywood star, daughter of Johnny Depp and model Vanessa Paradis, admits growing up in the spotlight has been tough at times.

However, when she arrives on a film set and gets into character she can forget about all her worries and become someone else for a day.

"I can act every single day because I love it; it's just so liberating," she said in an interview with LOVE magazine.


"It might be rare, but there are certain moments when you really don't feel like yourself."

The 16-year-old actress and model is clearly relishing following in her father's acting footsteps, and appears alongside Depp in the new comedy horror movie Yoga Hosers, which recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

The movie follows two teenage yoga fans that team up with an infamous man-hunter to battle against an evil presence threatening to ruin their plans for a big party.

Lily-Rose had a great time making the film, co-starring Austin Butler, Haley Joel Osment, Harley Quinn Smith and Kevin Smith, who also wrote and directed the project.

"When you are in the character so fully, it's the best feeling ever," she said. "I so love it. Even if those moments come just once a day or every other day, they are just worth it."

The young star notes it can sometimes be difficult trying to lead a normal life, while also enjoying her teenage years.

Now Lily-Rose's Hollywood star looks set to rise this year, she has no regrets about carving out a career at such a young age.

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"It is delicate being my age, and trying to do all the regular teenager stuff, and then having that in the spotlight," she explained.

"But I am grateful for what it brings and it is honestly a small price to pay to get to do what I want to do - I am very happy about that."

Lily-Rose can also soon be seen alongside Natalie Portman in the fantasy drama Planetarium and has a starring role as Isadora Duncan in The Dancer.