Now they no longer share a screen Samantha Hayes can admit the one thing she won't miss about former co-host David Farrier.

From this week the stunning TV presenter will anchor late news on TV3 alone as part of new show Newshub Late.

The pair worked side-by-side for two years on Newsworthy at 10.30pm, as well as living in the same house.

Although their relationship was still intact after spending much of their time together, Hayes told Woman's Day Farrier had one habit she could not abide.


When the cameras were rolling he'd insist on kicking off his shoes, she revealed.

"He would be wearing a lovely shirt and trousers, and then these crazy loud socks. He claimed shoes made his feet too hot."

Farrier moved on from his presenting role to pursue a documentary career, which got off to a successful start with Tickled.

The film debuted at Sundance Film Festival last month to critical acclaim.

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It's a venture Hayes fully supports, though she will have to adjust to working without him.

"It was exciting for him and sad for me, but David is one of my best friends and I support him 100 per cent," she told Woman's Day.

"Having someone sitting next to you helps when you're reading news that is so intense you think you might lose it and also when you're trying to stop the giggles."