Will TV2's new two-nights-a-week drama Filthy Rich live up to the hype? Two of its hottest stars think so.

Former Shortland Street star Josh McKenzie, who plays John Truebridge jnr, and newcomer Emma Fenton, who plays Savannah, are two of the four children of multi-millionaire John Truebridge, whose death from a fall from an Auckland highrise creates a family rift over his money.

Fenton says the first rule of Filthy Rich is: "You never know who you need to make an alliance with to get to where you want to be. A lot happens in each episode, it's exciting, sexy and fast-paced. Each one ends in a cliffhanger. Viewers are in for a great dramatic ride."

Fenton, 25, and McKenzie, 24, have known each other since they were teenagers - McKenzie attended Fenton's older brother's school.


The pair also attended drama school together. "I think we both knew it was each other's dream and to have a friend to go through something like this [Filthy Rich] with is very special," Fenton said.

Added McKenzie: "It's quite a rare and bizarre but cool thing to be involved with a production at this level with a very old school friend. We dabbled in inter-school productions together and always got along and fed off each other's high energy. Mine rapidly declined with age, but hers somehow continually climbed."

The warm fuzzies stop when it comes to talking about their characters:

"Josh plays my [Savannah's] wealthy half-brother," Fenton said.

"I can't give away too much, but after their first meeting she thinks he's a twisted head case and doesn't want much to do with him, unlike the other two brothers who are very much in the same boat as Savannah. This could change though."

Fenton, who plays a stripper, is quite sure the public will embrace Savannah's underdog illegitimate status. McKenzie is not so certain how his character will go down.

"The public are unpredictable. I wouldn't know what to expect. But it's fair to say John jnr isn't a particularly likeable character. I really think the show will test public opinion. I like this."

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