Rihanna is the "happiest girl in the world" following the release of her new album - but reviewers haven't been so kind.

The 27-year-old singer unleashed her highly-anticipated eighth album onto the world for free via her Roc Nation boss Jay Z's streaming service Tidal after it accidentally went live early.

Since giving away the record to her "navy", Rihanna has been inundated with messages on Twitter and social media praising her collection of fresh songs and she's thrilled her fans are enjoying her new music.

Early reviews haven't been so kind, with The Guardian calling Anti "confused".


In a three-star review, the publication said it "sounds as uncertain as its botched launch" and called Anti "the sound of an artist who's worked out what she doesn't want to be, without really deciding what she does".

The Telegraph also awarded it three stars, saying it was the first Rihanna album that didn't have any obvious hits.

"It will satisfy the appetite of fans and the curiosity of the internet for the moment but poses interesting questions about what happens next. Because being cool and credible is all very well.

"But what, really, is a pop star without hits? Rihanna might be about to find out," said the publication.

Fans have been able to access Anti on Tidal by following a link she posted online and using the code "Anti" to download.

The LP was preceded by the single Work, a collaboration with Drake.

Since the track came out on Wednesday it shot straight to No. 1 in more than 70 countries.

Anti runs for 13 tracks and features a song based around the melody of Tame Impala's New Person, Same Old Mistakes, entitled Same Ol' Mistake.

The album will be available to purchase as a physical copy on February 5.