1. Leisure - Mysterex Stage, 12.15pm

We don't yet know too much about this funky new Auckland-based five-piece, but maybe that's a good thing. One thing's for sure: you'll want to be at Laneway early to kick off your day with a selection of their Jungle-esque space jams like Got It Bad and Hot Love.

2. The internet - Mysterex Stage, 4.40pm

Syd the Kyd couldn't have come further from her day job as Odd Future's DJ with The internet, a neo-soul-funk group known for shimmering ballads like Girl and bruising kiss-offs Just Sayin' and Get Away. With six members in the group, they're a complete package, so expect a full band experience.

3. Vince Staples - Cactus Cat Stage, 5.35pm

In Summertime '06, the Long Beach rapper made one of last year's best hip-hop albums, a gruesome double-CD cruise through the streets of his home town Ramona Park circa 2006, when he finds "another dead body in the alleyway" and warns that "the sun come down and guns come out". Hip-hop doesn't come realer than this.

4. Hudson Mohawke - Cactus Cat Stage, 6.45pm

The Scottish producer helped Kanye West craft several tracks on Yeezus, and last year's album Lantern contained several certifiable bangers, including the skyward gazing hooks of Scud Books and the warped Miguel-guesting R&B of Deepspace. Expect an eclectic DJ set of fresh-faced electronica.


5. Violent Soho - Thunderdome, 6.30pm

These scuzzy Aussie grunge throwbacks are playing just their second New Zealand show, and it's in the circular confines of the Thunderdome. Grab your flannel shirt and prepare to crowdsurf to ragged beer-swilling anthems Covered in Chrome and Dope Calypso.