The eyebrows on Cara Delevingne's wax figure took a week to complete.

Sculptor Jim Kempton has revealed the intricate process that went into creating the 23-year-old beauty's statement brows.

He said: "The main mass of the hair and the direction are absolutely critical, so in recreating them we faithfully copied them hair by hair. Our hair and makeup department painstakingly inserted every hair one by one.

"We have to make sure the hair we are inserting is real and the root is inserted, rather than the tip. Even if you have it in the wrong way then the lie of the hair wouldn't sit right, so it's such a detailed process. If one eyebrow hair is out of place it's not going to look exactly like her."


Jim also revealed that the team took over 100 measurements of the head to make sure the wax model they created was as true-to-life as possible.

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He added to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "We use a pair of calipers and use the tragus on the ear as a reference point to measure to all the points on the profile and take 100 or so measurements on the head.

"Then we take a similar amount of photographs, making sure we photograph up and down and 360 degrees around the head and use different lenses so we get a full range of looks."