Know the giant mural in Kingsland of the two putangitangi ducks flying forward or the tieke (saddleback) on Poynton Terrace in west Auckland? Then you'll know the work of Auckland artists Charles and Janine Williams (pictured). The husband and wife team, who live in Manukau, are internationally acclaimed for their vibrant and decidedly urban murals.

They'll be at Tamaki Herenga Waka on Monday teaching how to produce mixed-media artworks - they can be taken home - using spray paint and acrylics. They'll also produce a large-scale mural to be donated to charity once it's finished.

"I think the thing that may surprise many people is how difficult it is to use spray paint to create an artwork, especially when it's small and detailed," Janine says. "A lot of people, especially in New Zealand, don't understand how graffiti art works and its place in the urban landscape. This is a great opportunity to showcase what it can be about."

She and Charles have travelled the world and say visual art - and the actual creation of work - has become a big part of many festivals.


"It's great to be able to paint in our own town!"