Doctors fought hard to save Eagles star Glenn Frey as he came in and out of a coma during the last weeks of his life, according to the rocker's longtime friend Bob Seger.

The 67-year-old musician died on Monday after suffering complications from rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis, and pneumonia.

Frey's longtime friend and fellow Detroit, Michigan native Bob Seger has now revealed the rocker was busy working on a stage show based on the Eagles' Hotel California until November when his health took a turn for the worse.

He spent months in hospital as doctors battled to save his life, and Seger admits the team tried everything to keep him alive.


"He was in a coma, and he'd come out, but then he couldn't breathe. They'd put him back into the coma," he tells the Detroit Free Press. "They were trying like hell to keep him alive. He'd been at Columbia University Medical Center (in New York) since November. (Eagles manager) Irving (Azoff) pulled every ace out of the hole - he had the eight best specialists working on Glenn. About a month ago, they had to throw up their hands."

Seger goes on to praise his friend for sticking with music despite his health troubles, adding, "He would never fail to start with telling me how grateful he was that audiences were still there. He loved the band. He loved the fact he could keep doing this. And he kept doing this until six months before he died."

Frey's former bandmate Randy Meisner has also spoken of his shock following the guitarist's death, telling the New York Daily News he was convinced his old pal would win his battle with poor health.

"(It was a) complete shock," he says. "I heard he wasn't feeling well, but I didn't think it was that serious. Then we heard he got pneumonia... I knew he had some problems with his stomach, but I figured he'd be OK and get out of the hospital and do his thing again... He was the last person I expected to go first. He was such an energetic guy... This is very sad for me."