Kiwis have reached unanimous decision when it comes to their most treasured David Bowie hit.

A New Zealand Herald poll reveals Heroes is the all time favourite among 8000 voters.

The song garnered almost 1600 votes while Space Oddity landed second, albeit 500 votes behind.

Let's Dance was third, Life on Mars, fourth and Starman fifth.

Other classics to make the cut were: Young Americans, Changes, Golden Years, Ziggy Stardust Rebel Rebel, Modern Loveand Suffragette City in order of ranking.


The 12 top songs were selected then listed from those with the most votes to those with the least.

They will be played as a countdown on Radio Hauraki this Wednesday.

Host Alex Behan is set to take listeners down memory lane during a midday special in memory of Bowie, who passed away last Monday after a very private 18 month battle with cancer.

The singer's parting gift to fans was seven track album, Blackstar, released in conjunction with his 69th birthday.

A dark, anti-pop record, it dealt with themes of illness and death. Those messages made sense when it was revealed the Thin White Duke had been sick at the time of recording.

Top 12 David Bowie hits

1. Heroes

2. Space Oddity

3. Let's Dance

4. Life on Mars

5. Starman

6. Young Americans

7. Changes

8. Golden Years

9. Ziggy Stardust

10. Rebel Rebel

11. Modern Love

12. Suffragette City