If TV3 is struggling for cast members for the second season of The Bachelor New Zealand, they could do worse than finding someone like Lace Morris.

Morris, a contestant on the 20th season on the US version of The Bachelor, is vying for the heart of software salesman Ben Higgins alongside 28 other women.

While Olivia Caridi is favoured by many to win, Morris has attracted headlines for a series of incidents, some drunken kissing attempts, and several awkward confessions.

In the latest episode, the 25-year-old Denver real estate agent apologised for her behaviour, only to start acting even crazier.


"I have reasons for why I am the way I am, I have a very bold personality. I'm ... a lot to handle," she told Higgins during a late night discussion.

"I was very dorky looking when I was a kid, can I tell you one picture? One picture I had these double bangs ... My brothers on the school bus would be like, 'Oh, you're not my sister, I don't know you' ... so, this is a lot for me to tell you right now."

After her confession, a tearful Morris was interrupted by another contestant, and she headed into a room on her own without realising her microphone was still on.

"The insecure Lace came out, and the Lace I promised myself that I would not be came out ... oh my God, I feel so stupid," she muttered before bursting into tears.

Her antics have earned her headlines like this from the New York Post: "Lace is the train wreck we love to hate."

Despite her wayward emotions, Higgins is a fan of Morris, who is yet to be eliminated. He wrote in a blog on People.com that he's a big fan.

"I know Lace and my decision to keep Lace has been the subject of a lot of discussion, but I saw in my conversations with her what a sweet and sincere woman she seemed to be.

"So despite some hiccups on night one, I viewed this as a new day and a fresh start with Lace."

Kiwi fans of The Bachelor can only hope TV3 producers are watching when they cast for season two of the local version of the show, due to screen here later this year.

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