Best of 2015 - Well-known Kiwis give their picks for the year.

Complete the sentence: 2015 was the year of ...

Salted caramel. It's like sweet chilli sauce was in the 90s. Even Dad is asking for it on his icecream.

Best film of 2015?
Sicario, Ex Machina, What We Do In The Shadows, Listen to Me Marlon and It Follows. I haven't seen Creed yet. So probably Star Wars.

Best performance of 2015?


JK Simmons in Whiplash. "Not my tempo". Chilling.

Most addictive TV show:
House of Cards. The subway scene!

How have you consumed most of your TV viewing this year?


How many hours of Netflix did you watch this year?

I didn't time it. I was busy watching it.

The showbiz story that stopped you in your tracks ...

Bill Cosby. Yuck.

The song you can't stop singing?

(Not Just) Knee Deep by Parliament/Funkadelic. I'm not sure what the lyrics are, but it's funky as hell. It's also quite old, but I think that technically makes it funkier.

The most interesting/entertaining person you've followed on social media this year:

Sanjay Patel. Track him down on Twitter.

What television show/movie franchise/music act did you give up - or nearly give up - on this year?
True Detective 2. I really wanted to like it. However, I gave it a second whirl and I got sucked into it. You just have to accept that Vince Vaughan has a funny way of drinking from cups.

What's the live music event of the summer you are most looking forward to?

Whatever the Caroline Bay Carnival in Timaru offers.