She works with one of the cheekiest men on television and the effect is clearly rubbing off.

Paul Henry producer and reporter Brigitte Masters posted a cheeky photo on Instagram of herself in a Brazilian cut bikini with the caption: "Suns out... buns out." [sic]

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Masters, who regularly appears on Henry's breakfast show as a roving reporter, explained that she has been "working hard on my bikini body this year" ahead of her wedding in five weeks time.


The committed vegan and yoga enthusiast has also turned her life around since first hitting headlines in 2010, when she was at the centre of a court case for assault over a silver dress.

The incident in a Wellington bar left Victoria Clapham needing several stitches when she was cut by a champagne glass held by Masters.

Masters was acquitted of a charge of wounding with intent to injure, but not before media from as far as India and the United States had picked up on the story.

At the time, she told 3News she wanted to put the incident behind her and focus on her goal of becoming a TV presenter, which has now become a reality.