South Korean YouTube star Showry is a feminist shock comedian, but you probably just know her as that woman who made out with a fish while sitting inside a fridge.

Showry's bizarre videos which she describes as "weird, sexy, fun" have been viewed by millions, who are regularly left stunned by her antics.

"Maybe I am breaking the idea they have about Asian girls?" Showry told AAP.

In her videos the YouTuber grotesquely eats fruit, dances with seafood in a mermaid outfit and paints herself while singing to Beyonce's Single Ladies.


While we Westerners don't get it, Showry's actually satirising the popular South Korean trend Muk-bang, or food porn.

The trend has audiences watching videos of people eating food as either a form of comfort, comedic voyeurism, or to fulfil a sexual fetish.

"I guess there's no such thing like my video in Korea, and it seems like there isn't that kind of thing anywhere in the world," Showry explains.

"Is it true? OMG!!"

But if you're left wondering how she comes up with her crazy ideas, not even Showry truly knows.

"I wish I could receive a divine revelation, but I can't," she said.