As TimeOut heads to Sydney to sit down with Han Solo himself, we take a look at some little known facts about Harrison Ford.

If you look back at Harrison Ford's filmography, you'll discover he once went by a different name. In 1967, Ford made his acting debut in the film A Time for Killing, where he was credited as Harrison J. Ford. So what does the J stand for? Nothing. Ford has no middle name, he was simply trying to stand out from another actor called Harrison Ford. From 1970 onwards, the actor dropped the rogue J.

He may be one of the most popular actors on the planet now but there was once a time when Harrison Ford wasn't well liked. The actor has openly spoken about how he was bullied at Maine Township High School, where he was reportedly an active member of the model train club. Bless.

There have been a couple of on-screen explanations for Harrison Ford's signature chin scar. In Working Girl, he says he passed out and hit his chin on a toilet when someone pierced his ear. In Indiana Jones, it's blamed on some rookie whip skills. The truth is more serious, with the scar a result of a serious car accident when Ford was 20 years old.

Before Ford became a bona fide star, he supported himself and his family through carpentry. And he was pretty good at it. Over the years, Ford has built his own home and a recording studio. He once worked as a stage hand for The Doors and was working as a carpenter when George Lucas discovered him and cast him in American Graffiti.


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Ford has been central to two of Hollywood's biggest franchises - Stars Wars and Indiana Jones. But he nearly didn't star in either. Tom Selleck was the preferred choice for Indiana Jonezs, with Ford roped in last minute due to a scheduling conflict. Likewise, Ford wasn't the first choice to play Han Solo. Al Pacino, Nick Nolte, Christopher Walken, and Kurt Russell were also in the running. You can even watch Russell's audition tape here.

On the flipside, Ford has passed on plenty of roles that have become pop culture hits. It's thanks to Ford that Kiwi Sam Neill cracked Hollywood, after Ford passed on the chance to play Dr Alan Grant in Jurassic Park.

He may owe the man his fortune but he didn't think much of his writing. Ford once famously complained about George Lucas' dialogue in the Star Wars trilogy, saying: "George, you can type this shit but you sure as hell can't say it." Ford reportedly ad-libbed several lines in The Empire Strikes Back, including the scene where Princess Leia declares her love for Han and he responds: "I know".