Visting stadium rockers Ed Sheeran and AC/DC's Angus Young - a study in contrasting styles...


Ed Sheeran isn't long out of school uniform. Angus Young plays in one and has done for some time.

2) Ed Sheeran songs possibly get sung by teenage Romeos outside girls' bedrooms. Angus Young's riffs helped oust Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega from power when the US government bombarded his embassy refuge in Panama with Hells Bells.


3) Ed Sheeran uses a loop pedal to layer his acoustic guitar and voice. Angus Young uses no effects pedals but regularly spins loops on his back playing solos.

4) Angus Young traditionally moons his audience. Ed Sheeran is yet to moon his fans, though if he did, it would risk breaking the internet with #gingerbum.

5) Ed Sheeran once asked for a AC/DC pinball machine backstage. AC/DC's backstage requests are unlikely to feature anything involving the words "Ed Sheeran".

Ed Sheeran plays at Mt Smart Stadium on Saturday. Angus Young and AC/DC plays at Western Springs on Tuesday.