Chris Brown is donating a portion of the proceeds from his Royalty album sales to charity.

The 26-year-old singer, who named the record after his daughter Royalty, revealed some of the money made on the album will go towards the Children's Miracle Network hospital.

He made the announcement on Instagram: "The holidays are all about giving back, so this Christmas, from now until Christmas, if you order the album, pre-order the album, one dollar of every album sold will go to Children's Miracle Network hospital. So please do your part. Give back!"

Brown and Royalty's mother, his former lover Nia Guzman, recently came to an agreement and will share physical and legal custody.


Meanwhile, a source previously claimed Brown is desperate to give up partying for the sake of Royalty.

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They said: "Chris is weening himself off drinking and other stuff he does because he wants to be healthy, have a clear mind, and be a completely conscious and sober parent. He doesn't want anyone or anything clouding his mind or judgement.

"He wants to witness every little single thing Royalty does with a clear mind. He wants to fill his mind with sober memories of her doing the smallest things like tying her shoes, being potty trained, you name it.

"His life and world is now Royalty and everything else that doesn't serve that he's cutting out!"

-Bang! Showbiz