A story about her racy past being brought up seven years after the fact has been "the worst possible thing" for one half of the Remuera sisters duo eliminated from My Kitchen Rules NZ last night.

Katrina Dunlop and Natasha Gorrie were described by fellow contestants as the snobby sisters from Auckland in this season of the cooking show, but failed to make the cut and were eliminated in last night's episode.

On Sunday, a story broke that revealed Katrina had been paid to model in pornographic photos seven years ago.

My Kitchen Rules NZ contestant Katrina Dunlop's X-rated secret


"It was really hard to have that dragged up," an emotional Katrina said.

"I was so naive, I was 20. To have it dragged up at this time is the worst possible thing."

She hoped it would help young women understand the permanency of photos on the internet.

"I hope it could be a lesson for young girls, whatever you do when you're young it can come back to bit you, even years down the track."

Natasha supported her sister, saying the photos should have stayed in the past.

"It was so long ago, she's changed a lot since then as a human being."

Speaking about the competition, Natasha said the sisters really thought they could win.

They had studied and practiced recipes between eight and 10 hours each day in the lead up to the competition.


Looking back on the instant restaurant part of the competition that saw them eliminated, Natasha said the pair were "over-confident with timing", and Katrina said "we should have gone to town on the salt".

"Going last was a huge disadvantage for us. If we had have cooked the same meal first or even second we would have been through," Katrina said.

Natasha said watching the show on television and seeing their comments edited to fit the persona of snobby Aucklanders had been hurtful.

Watching their comments edited at Lauren and Simon's instant restaurant had been most difficult, she said.

"We were made to look particularly bad, especially with camera angles ... I felt bad for her because if I was watching it back I'd think 'oh they hated every single thing I've done'."

Katrina said some "hate posts" on Facebook were hard to deal with.


"But, we just delete them and move on," she said.

"You need to go into [a reality show] knowing what you could be getting into and be mentally prepared and if you're not strong enough then don't do it," Natasha said.

Despite the challenges, Katrina and Natasha said they're pleased they got to do the show.

"It really reinforced how awesome Katrina is and how amazing she actually is at cooking, which I don't get to see every day," Natasha said.

"I'm proud of Tash as well, I couldn't have asked for a better person to do it with," Katrina said.

The sisters think William and Zoe are most likely to come out on top of the competition, saying they're knowledgeable discussions around the dinner table give them a winning edge.