Robert De Niro and spring break aren't exactly a match made in heaven.

Throw in Zac Efron, whose 2015 dance music drama We Are Your Friends tanked at the box office and the recipe doesn't look pretty for new film Dirty Grandpa.

De Niro has been criticised by some fans for taking on soft roles such as his lastest performance in The Intern.

He famously walked out of an interview promoting the comedy after Britain's Radio Times journalist Emma Brockes asked how he resisted the temptation to go into "autopilot" mode on set.


Dirty Grandpa is written by John Phillips and directed by longtime Sacha Baron Cohen collaborator Don Mazer, who earned an Oscar nomination for his work on Borat.

It follows the uptight Jason (Efron) who is about to get hitched and his recently widowed grandfather Dick (De Niro) to Florida, where they get swept up in spring-break shenanigans.

So far we can tell the film features a raunchy x-rated sex scene between De Niro and Park and Recreation's Aubrey Plaza, some suggestive sunscreen squirting and
several references to getting girls pregnant.

The trailer also shows Efron smoking "crack" and offers plenty of bad taste one liners.

Will this be the next big box office flop?

Efron doesn't seem to think so. He sent an excited tweet to his 11.2 million followers with the new trailer attached.

Dirty Grandpa is set to open in New Zealand on on January 21.