1. A Mad Max War Boy

Shave your head. Take your shirt off, Paint yourself white with a spot of black under the eyes. Glue on a few random lumps here and there. Spray your teeth silver. Drink way too much caffeine-enriched soft drinks before trick or treating. Ready to go.

2. Steve Jobs

Hollywood won't let the Apple genius die so neither should Halloween. Black turtle neck. Rimless glasses. Hard stare. One for Dads. Younger dads may risk resembling Edward Snowden.

3. The Inside Out characters

For groups of five kids going trick or treating, paint 'em up as the colour-coded characters representing the emotions in the Pixar hit. See if lollies actually help Sadness. Watch the sugar rush kick in on Anger.

4. The new Darth Whatshisname

Surely there's enough in those Star Wars trailers to work out your helmet mask and cape and lightsaber arrangement? Oh and this year you can dress grandad up like Han Solo too.


5. The late Paul Walker from Fast and the Furious 7

Too soon?

6. One of the main characters from True Detective season 2

Not a lot of costuming requiring. Just look like a dishevelled LA cop. Knock on random doors. Ask those inside if they know what the hell is going on?

7. The Night's King from Game of Thrones

Yes the king of the ice zombies himself. It's quite a look to pull off but we suggest getting that old Darth Maul mask out and painting it blue as a start. Careful putting those contacts in.

8. The Fantastic Four

Matching dark blue jumpsuits except for the guy who has superglued all those rocks to himself. Don't be surprised if no one recognises you.

9. The What We Do in the Shadows gang

Take your pick of Viago, Vladislav, Petyr, Deacon ... or if you can't be bothered dressing up, Nick or Stu. If you run into Anton and his werewolf mates out there, play nice.

10. If all else fails ...

Kids! Get out the yellow highlighter pens! You're all going dressed as Minions! Again!

- nzherald.co.nz