Changes to TV3's news and current affairs team continue, with the departure of two respected journalists and rumours there are more to come.

Friday night saw the biggest farewell in the TV3 newsroom since that of John Campbell in May.

Former Campbell Live reporter Tristram Clayton and online entertainment editor Daniel Rutledge both bid their colleagues adieu.

Presenter Sacha McNeil said it was the "best leaving drinks" on Twitter, with a picture of Wayne Anderson, Singer of Songs, who performed and lifted everyone's spirits.


Head of News Mark Jennings reportedly gave an excellent speech, as did Clayton's fellow Story reporter, Lachlan Forsyth.

Speeches also flowed from Rutledge's long time entertainment partners-in-crime, 3 News Entertainment Editor Kate Rodger and Newsworthy Presenter David Farrier.

Spy understands Rutledge in turn replied with a lovely and emotional speech.

In a tweet that day Rutledge summed up his nine years at the station by posting a YouTube video of Pink Floyd's Goodbye Cruel World from The Wall.

Rodger told Spy Rutledge was "the Sundance to my Cassidy" and that she is "gutted he's gone".

"Dan's a gargantuan loss to TV3 on so many levels ... His thorough, informed, fresh, impassioned and innovative approach to entertainment news is like no other, and he has without fail augmented, improved and elevated all my own stories over our time together."

There is speculation Rodger too may soon jump ship, taking her global entertainment contacts with her and leaving TV3 with a gaping hole in its entertainment journalism.

Rodger simply said: "I can't comment on my own future at 3 News."

On the current affairs front, it is no secret Clayton was alarmed by changes within the newsroom and took Campbell's departure hard.

Like Rodger, Clayton told Spy he couldn't discuss employment matters, but there were opportunities on the horizon and he was upbeat about the landscape outside TV3.

What the hard-nosed reporter did tell Spy, is that it was a mad night on the town after they left the TV3 Newsroom.

Clayton: "The Singer of Songs in the newsroom got us all buzzing, he was just amazing, we went to the Corner Store, Golden Dawn and Ponsonby Social Club, I partied till 5am."

Another guest, who did not wish to be named, told Spy the joke of the night was "the worm that turned" - a referral to the copious amount of tequila downed throughout the evening.

The cycle of change is ongoing and there are whispers of more big names from the newsroom set to leave.

Wellington-based political reporter Brook Sabin is understood to be leaving but did not return Spy's approach for comment.