Art Green will take on troubled former All Black Zac Guildford in a charity boxing match, it has been revealed.

The Bachelor star told gossip website he was "pretty scared" about the bout, which will take place at the Fight For Life charity boxing match in Hamilton on December 5.

"I don't know Zac. We haven't met, but I think it will be pretty scary going up against him in the ring," Green said.

Zac Guildford.
Zac Guildford.

"He's an athlete, you know, and he's tough and fit, and I suspect he'll be a natural when it comes to boxing. He's probably had some practice. A lot of those rugby stars are good boxers."


Guildford played 11 games for the All Blacks but admitted to alcoholism after being accused of assault during an incident in Rarotonga. He's currently playing for Hawke's Bay in the ITM Cup.

Fight For Life director David Higgins called Green's decision to box Guildford over three two-minute rounds "brave".

"This shows Art is willing to put himself out there. It takes courage to get in the ring and shows he is not just a pretty face," Higgins told Spy.

"Art will be facing a tough, young career professional athlete in his prime, with a lot of mongrel. That takes guts [from Art].

"Some participants want to pick and choose who their opponent is before they get in the ring. Not Art. He's taking on the guy we put in front of him."