Lorde has penned an emotional tribute to her father - and his role in her path to music stardom.

Writing in The Listener to mark Father's Day, Lorde, whose real name is Ella Yelich-O'Connor, recalled being a "quiet kid" who like to read and slink upstairs when birthday parties were "humming downstairs".

She remembers sitting by herself in the "big cavity" the slides used to feed into at Auckland's Western Springs park. "Kids push and run around me. I look up, and Dad is waving, holding an ice cream from the zoo canteen. It's boysenberry. I still remember the taste of it, that exact cone."

Lorde also writes that without her father, Vic O'Connor, she doesn't make music.


"I don't know what a good song sounds like. I don't know how it feels to be taken someplace in the words. I shut my eyes and hear his voice in the dark, singing the old songs over and over, ending each one with ohhh-yeah, because he's a first-verse-and-chorus kind of guy."

She also remember holiday work doing filing at her father's engineering firm.

"When I'm 15, there is morning tea for Dad for being with the firm for 30 years. I feel the punch of pride in my chest, the ache of being that proud. I aim for a day I can look back and see a job done as well as his."

Last year, Lorde's father proposed to her mother, poet Sonja Yelich, with a diamond ring at Niagara Falls.

The full column is in the latest edition of The Listener, out now.