If there's one scene that stood out in Step Dave's first season, it was Dave's middle-of-the-night introduction to his new girlfriend's family.

Dave, played by Auckland actor Jono Kenyon, was stark naked at the time.

Kenyon says he's used to getting his kit off on the TV2 show — and there's plenty more nudity coming in its second season.

"There are some things you can rely on and one of those is nudity and sex appeal," he says.


"You do get to see my bum — they even managed to squeeze my buttocks into the trailer. You've gotta have a bit of sex appeal — it's Tuesday night. And it's just a bum."

The show — about a younger man falling for an older mother and their attempts to build a life together — received positive reviews and earned enough viewers for NZ On Air to fund a second season of 13 episodes.

Despite a tense eight-month wait for the news, Kenyon, who stars alongside Sia Trokenheim, says the cast and crew hit the ground running once cameras rolled again.

"In our first season, there was a bit of putting a blindfold on and scrambling in the dark. Now, we're more relaxed, more grounded, we know the characters, know the show, know the world and can apply what we can do in a more useful way.

"It's like the second time you play tennis, you're slightly better, slightly more fit."

He promises the drama "is more poignant and the comedy's more punchy" in season two.

"Cara and Dave are locked in — they're going to stay together. The writers had to find drama that wasn't about them pulling apart and coming back together. There are more characters — you get to meet Dave's dad and a few more family members. That's the cause of a lot of drama — and comedy."

Kenyon, who has started getting plenty of attention while out in public, hopes the second season is good enough to lead to a third. Even he wants to know what happens to Dave and Cara's relationship.

"Getting a second season is notoriously hard, but I think it's good for everyone. We worked really hard on a show that's not trying to rehash an American format — it's trying to be Kiwi, trying to be real.

"We all feel lucky and privileged to be going again."

When: Tonight, 8.35pm
Where: TV2
What: Second season of dramedy for mismatched Kiwi lovebirds.