Chris Brown's new head tattoo is so unfortunate he's gone as far to delete a picture of it off Instagram amid taunts on social media.

Brown revealed his new ink of the Venus de Milo - the Greek goddess of love and beauty - on Instagram yesterday, but has since deleted the image.

The singer, who is apparently a big fan of ancient Greek sculpture, had to shave part of his head in order to get the tattoo.

Maybe it's the angle or the shape of his head, but it just doesn't look quite right.


As the image circulated on Twitter, people were quick to get a cheap shot in at Brown's expense.

"If Chris Brown's friends let him get that head tattoo, then he doesn't really have friends," wrote JayJazzi.

It's not the first time Brown, who got his first tattoo at age 13, has attracted attention for his unfortunate ink work. In 2012, his neck tattoo of a Mexican sugar skull was widely criticised for appearing to resemble a woman's battered face.

To make matters even worse, it looked a lot like his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, who he assaulted in 2009. However, Brown's tattoo artist denied the similarities and said it was misinterpreted while still healing.

Brown is currently on tour and preparing to release his sixth album Royalty.