New Zealand's major OnDemand players have a new competitor in town - and this one's free.

FreeviewPlus launches today, adding a raft of OnDemand features to Freeview Live that puts the service in direct competition for TV viewing eyeballs with Netflix, Neon and Lightbox.

Crucially, FreeviewPlus is still free - but you'll need a newish TV, or a new set-top box costing around $150, to access the features.

The service offers "a massive library" of on-demand content taken from more than 19 live channels, including TVNZ OnDemand, 3NOW and Maori Television On Demand.


If you missed an episode of Seven Sharp, Come Dine With Me or Shortland Street, FreeviewPlus gives you up to eight days to watch it.

You can also view multiple channels at the same time, switch between live TV and on-demand with a click of a button, browse through a TV guide with eight days worth of listings, and browse TV shows and movies by genre.

Freeview general manager Sam Irvine calls it "a smarter way to watch TV".

It works like this: if you've got a reasonably new TV, the service is likely to be included with it; if your TV's older, you can either upgrade your TV, or purchase a FreeviewPlus set-top box for around $150. You'll also need a broadband connection.

FreeviewPlus at a glance

• Free to view.
• Switch seamlessly between live TV and On Demand with a click of a button
• Scroll through an 8-day TV guide that displays multiple channels at the same time
• Roll back 8 days to catch up on selected shows on One, TV2, TV3, Four, Maori TV and Te Reo.
• Search across live and On Demand TV content.
• Featured sections showcase selected programmes.
• Browse TV and movies libraries by genre.
• Set reminders and favourites.
• On Demand shows and movies from TVNZ On Demand, 3Now and Maori TV On Demand.
• For more information, visit