They're about to start hosting a new late night news show together - but David Farrier and Samantha Hayes will also be heading home together after each episode.

The twosome, who met nine years ago as entertainment reporters on Nightline, will work together five nights a week on Newsworthy, TV3's new late night news offering.

New Idea reveals the pair also live together in a home they share with cat Minnie and parrot Keith.

Living and working together did not sit well with TV3's head of news Mark Jennings, New Idea reports.


Farrier initially floated the idea of the flatmates filming the show from their couch with a webcam.

Farrier isn't worried about work coming between them, with the reporter crediting Hayes' down-to-earth personality as the reason their relationship has "a nice bit of synergy".

"She comes across [on television] as untouchable and amazing ... but she's normal and boring - and makes the best chocolate brownies."

Hayes, who claims Farrier is the best flatmate she's ever had, says he lives on cereal but brownie bribery is the secret to their successful home dynamic.

"I can get him to do anything if I make him brownies!"

* Newsworthy starts next Monday at 10.30pm on TV3.