It's been a staple on Sky TV for 20 years - but in just eight days, Juice TV is being swapped for a new adventure channel.

The long-serving music channel is being switched off on May 15 in favour of a new channel called Garage, which will be "adrenaline junkie heaven".

Flame Tree Media founder and director Dan Wrightson said Juice TV would live on in a daily 30-minute segment on Garage.

The advent of streaming to mobile devices meant watching music videos on TV had become irrelevant, Wrightson said in a statement.


"Technology now means streaming music videos on your phone or tablet is simple, cheap and instant. Anyone with a pulse can access Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran whenever they want - for free."

Wrightson said Garage would feature "some of the planet's most extraordinary personalities pushing the limits of what's possible and having the time of their lives doing it".

"Our curated and carefully selected content is high-energy excitement that's family friendly and something fresh for those whose interests lie outside of traditional bat-and-ball sports."

It will be hosted by former Juice host Duane Mutu and 3000 titles of original and exclusive HD content would be screened, the press release said. A second host would be selected through a competition.

Juice TV launched in 1994 as a platform for showcasing new music videos and emerging local DJ talent.

Garage will replace Juice TV on Sky TV channel 112 from May 15.