They sat side by side on the Fashion Police panel with Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne.

But now fashion stylist George Kotsiopoulos has become the latest to slam Giuliana Rancic following her controversial comments about Zendaya.

"To not own up to what you said and to blame it on others is just a little messed up," Kotsiopoulos told People magazine.

For her part Rancic continues to cite bad editing and a bad script for the poorly-executed "racial" joke she delivered on Fashion Police about pop star Zendaya's dreadlocks smelling of weed.

Zendaya at the Oscars. Photo / AP
Zendaya at the Oscars. Photo / AP

But that excuse doesn't wash with a skeptical Kotsiopoulos.

"I was never scripted," he said. "What I said were my own words, was my own opinion."

And he said former co-host Osbourne "never had a writer" either.

For her part Osbourne isn't holding back on the scandal, telling People: "There's been so much drama surrounded by what went on at Fashion Police that I have chosen to keep quiet about.

"I will [continue to keep quiet] because I don't think it will do anyone service, but I will say this: Rancic is not often wrong. She really isn't, but it's been really, really heartbreaking to see her behaviour that has transpired when she did get caught being wrong. That's what broke my heart."

Rancic's rhetoric on the controversy has been consistent since the fallout, and so has her former co-host Osbourne, whose version of events conflicts with her own.

After her former Fashion Police colleague tweeted: "Liars ALWAYS get caught," Rancic attempted to clear her name on Extra, explaining: "There's no way that can be about me... Because I'm telling the truth."

"Someone called me and told me about it. I was like, 'Did she say my name?' Because there's no way that can be about me," the 40-year-old said, adding, "Because I'm telling the truth."

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The Fashion Police host referenced Osbourne's comment that followed her interview on the Today show in which she explained a "racial" joke she delivered on the E! program about 18-year-old actress Zendaya's hair.

"Basically what happened was a joke was written for me that was in reference to the hippie culture," she recounted once again during the Extra interview.

"And someone wrote that line, and that's fine, and I'm not blaming him because he truly did write it to be a joke about hippies.

"I made peace signs, I said 'bohemian' twice - those were taken out for time."

"So when the joke aired, some people were offended by it. I find racism reprehensible. I don't tolerate it at all. Nor have I ever."

"I thought that the joke was not edited in a proper way. And that's just something I have to live with."

Papa Don't Preach singer Osbourne took to the social network, writing, "Liars ALWAYS get caught."

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Following the joke, Zendaya said that the comments were "not only a large stereotype but outrageously offensive," and Osbourne demanded that an apology be made to the star, who is also a personal friend.

"Im giving everyone involved 24 hours to make it right or the world will hear how I really feel. [Contractually] Im not allowed to speak!" Osbourne tweeted.

Rancic issued an apology on Twitter, writing, "I'm sorry I offended you and others. I was referring to a bohemian chic look. Had nothing to do with race and NEVER would!!!"

She followed up with an on-air apology the next day, of which Zendaya accepted.

Osbourne quit the program days later, which was followed by a departure from newly anointed host Kathy Griffin.

This left Rancic and new co-host Brad Goreski the remaining panelists since it returned to the network after Joan Rivers died.

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