The Paul Henry Show had a good start this week, I thought. But nevertheless, am I the only one reminded from time to time of British comedian Steve Coogan's fictional DJ, Radio Norwich's Alan Partridge?

Reason for a quiz, anyway.

Where did the following come from: the world of I'm Alan Partridge or the first episode of The Paul Henry Show on Tuesday?

1. "Cutting to the chase. No, seriously, this is the situation."


2. "People always go on about space, don't they? 'Oooh, it's nice to have a bit of space!' People forget, you can get lost in space."

3. "We don't do perfection. We're trailblazers ... If it's hot, we're on it. If we're not on it, it isn't happening."

4. "There's no time to save the world if you can get lots of girls."

5. "Obviously I'm an A-lister. And what I hate is people like me using their fame."

6. "What a lovely smile. You know, you could have been throwing up all night for all I know, and yet your smile wouldn't show it."

7. "You learned something today. As you always do with me."

8. "Let me say this. If you are a man of the world, like myself - if you are a man of the world, you have a fair idea what's going on."

9. "Let me tell you something about the Titanic, people forget, people forget that on the Titanic's maiden voyage there were over 1000 miles of uneventful, very pleasurable cruising before it hit the iceberg."


10. "You can lead a horse to water, and you can make it drink sometimes. Hang on, I'm just thinking about that. Why did I even say that? And what does it even mean?"

Answers: 1 PH; 2 AP; 3 PH; 4 PH; 5 PH; 6 AP; 7 PH; 8 PH; 9 AP; 10 PH.