Australian media have reported that Nicky Watson's close friendship with Kiwi celebrity Sally Ridge is threatening Watson's engagement to Pete Evans.

Several websites claim the Kiwi celebrity friends are "married" because of a comment Watson - who now goes by the name Nicola Robinson - made on an Instagram post by Ridge.

The photo showed Ridge's feet, with a tattoo adorning her toe, resting on the crotch of her current beau, Warren Fenning.

Robinson next to the photo: "I know those are you beautiful feet a) because they're so cute b) because they're resting on Warren's bits & pieces & c) because I can see your/our matching wedding tattoo!"


The perfect phone holder to watch TV ???? @jaimeridge @willowdenenz

A photo posted by Sally Ridge (@sallyridge) on

Ridge replied: Hey, beautiful girl, yes, our wedding tattoos. Muss u x."

Woman's Day reported the pair's closeness had caused Evans, a celebrity chef, to reconsider their engagement.

"Pete likes to be the alpha male, and he doesn't like it when his position as top dog is threatened - especially by a woman," an 'insider' reportedly told the mag.

The Daily Telegraph ran the story with the headline: "My Kitchen Rules judge Pete Evans' fiancee Nicola Robinson 'is already married ... to a woman'.

The reports will probably make the duo laugh, as they've been close friends for more than a decade.

Woman's Day reports Ridge and Robinson first formed a close bond in 2003 when introduced by their then husbands, Matthew Ridge and Eric Watson.

But their relationship was tested when Robinson began a two-year affair with Matthew Ridge.

When Sally Ridge's marriage with former cricketer Adam Parore ended in 2010, she spent time living with Robinson in the country.

"It was such a cool time for us," she told WD. "Nothing will ever, ever come between Nicky and me. No matter what happends. Even if I get grumpy at her, she gets grumpy at me or a man comes between us, it doesn't matter."

Evans has made news for other reasons recently, after being criticised over the release of his upcoming cookbook Bubba Yum Yum The Paleo Way - a book that includes paleo recipes for toddlers.