Viewers say John Campbell's tearful reaction to a surprise appearance by a musician on his show last night made them cry as well.

The Campbell Live host told viewers he was "slightly bewildered" and had no idea what was happening when he cut to a live cross from reporter Ali Ikram at the end of last night's show.

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Ikram and Campbell Live's producers had organised Van Etten to perform a song for him from the King's Arms because Campbell, a massive fan of the American singer-songwriter, couldn't make her Auckland show.

Sharon Van Etten moved John Campbell to tears.
Sharon Van Etten moved John Campbell to tears.

Wiping away tears, Campbell told viewers: "I'm completely taken aback ... I had no idea this was happening ... I love Sharon's music a stupidly large amount and have for many years and I'm a bit overwhelmed by this."

Van Etten told Campbell: "I'm sorry I don't get to meet you in person but thank you for caring."

Campbell told viewers Van Etten's music was his favourite because it included "simple guitars and sad lyrics".

An awe-struck Campbell said: "Music just sometimes keeps you a float, doesn't it?"

Ikram told viewers Campbell couldn't make Van Etten's show because he was hosting a function.

On Twitter, viewers said Campbell's reaction moved them to tears as well.

The clip has been picked up by music websites, including Spin, Stereogum and Pitchfork - the hipster music bible that was using it as their lead story earlier today.

Van Etten performed at Auckland's Kings Arms last night, plays at Wellington's Bodega tonight, Lyttleton's Wunderbar on Saturday and the Chicks Hotel in Dunedin on Sunday.


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