The US band is back to answer fans’ wishes. By Leena Tailor

All Time Low may be making movies alongside Meg Ryan, debuting albums in the Billboard Top 10, getting engaged and touring with the Smashing Pumpkins, but Kiwi social media cries to the pop-punk band weren't ignored.

The Baltimore outfit play Auckland's Westfest '15 at Mt Smart Stadium and Christchurch's Celebration Centre this week and say making the trip across the pond was a priority.

"Every time we came to Australia or anywhere close, we were getting blown up on social media," says vocalist/guitarist Alex Gaskarth. "Fans were like, 'Why are you neglecting New Zealand?'

"We couldn't until last time and when we finally did, the show was amazing and sold out quickly. So now it's a big priority for us to get there."


The group, whose catchy latest single Something's Gotta Give, is out now, have enjoyed a slow and steady rise to success since forming in school 12 years ago. The guys were more interested in band practice than biology, and their parents tried to shift their focus to academics, but it soon become apparent the teens had a "legitimate shot" at a music career.

Covering Blink 182 songs and landing their first record deal in high school, they have gone on to be named Band of the Year by Alternative Press, play festivals headlined by Kiss and Eminem, be mentored by Fall Out Boy and write for Australian quintet 5 Seconds of Summer.

Gaskarth says All Time Low's sixth record, Future Hearts, out April, will continue the evolution of their last release, Don't Panic.

"We haven't pushed the envelope to the point where we're going to lose anyone, but there's enough of a new sound that we can capture fresh listeners."

Reflecting on the changes in the music industry since the group's early days, he says as well as social media keeping the band connected with global fans, making music has become easier and audiences are more open to multiple genres.

"I remember being a kid and you picked one genre and stuck to it and if you didn't you were a poser. Now, because of the internet and how much people are exposed to, they listen to lots of different music.

"It's a cool age where kids are listening to One Direction, All Time Low, Lady Gaga and a country artist."

As well as the new record and upcoming Europe and US tour, the band can also be seen in Meg Ryan comedy flick Fan Girl, in which they play the subject of a teenage girl's musical obsession.


The story was inspired by writer Gina O'Brien's daughter - an avid All Time Low fan.

"Being written into a movie is amazing, then getting to see how it all works was something new. As small of an acting part as it was, being around actual actors while having to hold my own in the scene was very intimidating," says Gaskarth.

Their own fan encounters have involved girls turning up to Gaskarth's house and sneaking on to their tour buses.

Having only seen their hotel and the venue last time they played New Zealand, newly engaged Gaskarth hopes to play tourist this week, and adds he's a huge follower of Lorde.
"I'm a big fan of her record and also the guy who produced it [Joel Little], who comes from the pop-punk world and is a really talented guy. It's cool to see them doing their thing."

• All Time Low and Faith No More play at Westfest '15 at Mt Smart Stadium on Tuesday.